Why a teddy bear is the perfect 1st birthday gift

9” me to you bear holding a cake

Why a teddy bear is the perfect 1st birthday gift


In this blog post we look at why teddy bears for 1st birthday bear are a good idea!

The first birthday of any child is a momentous occasion; they are officially no longer a baby and are heading into toddler territory. It is deserving of a party for all of the family and friends to celebrate. While everyone is excited to share in the festivities, when guests receive the first birthday party invite, they inevitably ask themselves, “what is the best gift for a one-year-old”?

Why give a teddy bear gift?

To celebrate the special milestone and to mark the occasion. The best gift to give a one-year-old should be sweet, fun and sentimental. First birthday presents are often cherished and kept long into adulthood as a reminder of this day.

Soft teddy bear toys are the ultimate gift as they never go out of fashion. Enjoyed by countless generations, teddy bears are a gender-neutral gift that is loved from the moment it is received. They really are the ultimate cuddle buddy for one-year-olds!

Teddy bears not only look cute

They also support a child for years to come during their emotional and mental development, by counteracting loneliness, offering security and encouraging pretend play.

To make the teddy bears for 1st birthday extra special, why not consider personalising a first birthday teddy bear? Personalising the teddy bear is a beautiful gesture as it shows the little one in your life that they are unique and loved. Our teddy bears can been customised with a name, date or sentimental quote. Above all this will remind the child of your special connection with them.

We have a range of adorable and customisable teddy bears. These are perfect for the little girl or boy in your life that is turning one! Shop our range of gifts for one-year-olds and know that your gift will be cherished long after the candles have been blown out.

In conclusion if your looking for the best teddy bears for 1st birthday you have come to the right place. Personalise a teddy bear and send a bear to show you care. UK next day teddy delivery is available if ordered before 2pm and we ship bears around the World.