Why Children Love Jellycat Bunnies! | Blog Post

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Why Children Love Jellycat Bunnies! | Blog Post


Children Love Jellycat Bashful Bunnies So Why Not Personalise Your Jellycat Bunny!

Jellycat’s Bashful Bunny and the cuddly family of Jellycat Bunnies are loved by children of all ages around the globe. This super-soft cuddly toy can also be personalised by Say it with Bears. Bashful Bunny has such a cute face and adorable big ears. Each one is super soft with that unmistakable plush fabric in a wide range of colours.

Jellycat Bashful Bunnies, sometimes called rabbit teddies, are the perfect and much-loved friend for babies, toddlers and young children and can last a lifetime. Say it with Bears can also personalise each toy for that truly unique, one-off gift.


Jellycat Bashful Bunny

One of the most popular Jellycat products is the Bashful Bunny range, which kids love. Available in a spectrum of colours including beige, blue, cream and pink, Bashful Bunny not only captures our hearts with its cute name ,it also appeals to kids of all ages, including grown up ones! The cute nose, long soft ears, little pot belly and touchable paws are just waiting to be hugged and loved.

Making it Personal

One of the easiest ways to make that friendship happen is to personalise your Jellycat Bashful Bunny for the recipient. This includes adding a jumper or hoodie featuring an embroidered message, a silky ribbon with some special wording and even a gift card, all of which are carefully packed and sent direct to the lucky person.

After all, all Jellycat teddies need that loving home to go to. Each toy has an owner out there in the big wide world. The trick is to unite the two.

However all this brings the smile to the face of anyone who gets their special friend gifted to them. Why not hop onto our website and take a look?

Why Do Children Love Them So?

If you’ve ever owned a Jellycat product, you will experience the super-soft finish, the quality of the stuffed toy and of course their unique faces.

Friendly and cute, each toy brings comfort to each and every owner. Jelly cat products are also available a mix of different colours. Parents will often see a much-loved Jellycat soft toy being held tightly by a child. This shows how important their Jellycat toy is to them. Soft, squidgy, comfy, huggable … how would you describe your Jellycat toy?

Perhaps Bashful Bunny represents how children feel sometimes? A bit shy? Unsure? Needing some reassurance from time to time? Their gorgeous softness is always soothing, comforting and lovable. It’s all part of the Jellycat appeal.

Who is Jellycat?

At the very end of the twentieth century, Jellycat was born. Jellycat was founded in London in 1999 with a small, individual and unusual gift range. Jellycat creates original and innovative soft toys mixing luxury fabrics with quirky, adorable designs. The Jellycat designers specialise in creating their unique ‘look’ which enables their soft toys to stand out from the crowd. Did you know that name Jellycat was created by a child who loved both jellies and cats and giggled at the thought of the two being put together!

The iconic logo of the happy cat with a wobbly jelly on its head is now instantly recognisable. Their special design ethic helps this trademarked brand remain one of the most trusted in the soft toy world.

Jellycat, the UK and the USA

Jellycat is designed in the UK and has been from the very beginning. The brand is known for its points of difference, thanks to a talented team of designers. These include look, feel and finish. The designers also encourage Jellycat to use the finest fabrics and materials, creating that distinguishing feature: the plush softness of a Jellycat product. In 2001, Jellycat Inc was set up in Minneapolis, USA. The Jellycat family of stockists have since expanded across the world into Canada, Asia and Australia.

Say it with Bears and Jellycat

We are very, very proud to say we’ve worked with Jellycat since the very beginning. Our personalisation service means that in a few clicks, your big-eared bashful bunny can have a child’s name on it and in a colour that suits their personality. Why not explore our website?

Jellycat Keeping it Safe

Even though Jellycat stuffed cuddly toys are carefully made each and every time, the products are tested for safety and have the right certification too. The products are suitable for any age, literally from birth to one hundred years of age and older!

Our Service

With a wide range of superb soft animals, perhaps you can start your own Jellycat collection?


In conclusion our range includes the most popular Jellycat’s; Bashful, Fuddlewuddle, Comforters and Merryday. Say it with Bears offers tempting range of plush Jellycat bunnies, and other iconic animals that children and soft toy collectors adore. Order before 2pm and we offer next day delivery (Monday to Friday) and we have international delivery options.

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