Why soft toys are important gifts for young children

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Why soft toys are important gifts for young children


Why are soft toys and teddy bear gifts so important to young children. Say it with bears explore this more below.

Soft toys such as teddy bears have always been popular with young children in the United Kingdom, and for good reason. The first relationship children develop outside of the family is usually with a teddy bear or stuffed animal. A soft toy provides a little one with comfort and companionship whilst helping the child in communicate their emotions and assisting with their overall mental health development.

Five ways in which a soft toy will positively contribute to a child’s development:

1.)    Counteracts loneliness and helps independence: soft toys offer companionship by being ever-present. To young children, the world can seem quite scary and overwhelming without the protection of their parents next to them at all times. Soft toys offer both a reliable source of familiarity during times of stress and can also boost their confidence to explore the world on their own.

2.)    Stimulate imagination and play: little ones have a unique ability to create complex imaginary worlds with their teddy bears and stuffed animals. Soft toys play an integral part in a child’s mental development through encouraging pretend play.

3.)    Communicate emotions: young children often have difficulty expressing their feelings and explaining their emotions. A soft toy bridges this gap by helping them express themselves easily through role play. Pretend play with a teddy bear can give young children a way to communicate. Through their own experiences in a playful, nonthreatening manner.

4.)    Practice their language and speaking skills:  Children love to talk aloud to their toys. In doing so they are actively listening to their voice and practicing their pronunciation skills. Advancing a child’s language skills relies on repetitive speaking. A soft toy’s presence encourages a child to speak to it during pretend play.

5.)    Provide a sense of security: soft toys can be given to babies and young children as they provide a sense of reassurance and security. A teddy bear on its side can give the illusion that the child is cuddled with a loved one. In conclusion they can provide that extra comfort as they self-soothe.

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