Personalised teddy bears for all ages

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Personalised teddy bears for all ages


Say It With Bears supply many personalised teddy bears for birthdays and all other occasions. Here is a recent photo sent in from one of our happy 90th birthday bear customers.


The name, Say It With Bears, sums up what as a company we do. We produce custom teddy bears with personalised embroidered teddy bear jumpers and hoodies, to make the perfect teddy bear gift. Our saying is “Send a bear to show you care!” and we send many teddy bears all over the World.

Say It With Bears has an incredible range of soft toys featuring well known brands like Gund, Boofle and Jellycat to just name a few. Say it with bears teddies can be personalised with a jumper, hoodie or printed ribbon. The teddy bears come with a free personalised gift card and birth certificate and most come with our Say It With Bears teddy bear gift bag.

At Say it with bears we send bears to all ages here is the GUND Cream Philbin bear being shown off with his new owners. You can see the joy a new teddy bear brings as a special gift.

Say it with bears takes a lot of thought and care into producing every single gift that we create. Receiving a really personal teddy bear gift? Something that you know so much thought has gone into.

Create a custom bear you can choose the colour of the teddy bear clothing, and colour of the embroidery. A preview even give you ideas of which colours would work well together or clash. Personalised Teddy bears are such a simple thing but they’re a gift that really does keep on giving for years to come.

All ages love a quality teddy bear they’re something that can be really cherished!

If you have a picture and would like to share it we would love to hear from you!