Get a Warm Hug with a Microwaveable Teddy!

Girl with Warmies llama teddy

Get a Warm Hug with a Microwaveable Teddy!


Say it with bears have the Warmie for you

A teddy is always a huggable soft toy, yet microwavable teddies and heatable soft toys are just another level of cuddliness!

Made specially for safe use in the microwave, a microwave bear gives the next level of comfort and is so soothing to young children and adults alike.

Filled with a blend of aromatic French lavender and natural grains, microwave bears can be popped into this kitchen appliance to make a welcome and cosy heated toy.

What are microwavable stuffed toys? 

Adding to the sensory experience, heatable teddy bears are specially made so they can be placed into the microwave and safely heated, ready to help warm up and placate children and grownups that need a huggable, hottie soft toy.

An adult should always warm up the microwave teddy for safety reasons and should follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Microwavable products have been around for many years, yet microwave teddy bears are relatively new.

Just a couple of minutes in the microwave and these soothing softies can calm and relax toddlers, children and adults alike!

Each special toy includes a special organic heat pack that warms up safely and the heated soft toy is weighted for extra soothing qualities.

They also release a lavender fragrance, known for helping with relaxation.

Microwavable Teddy Bears 

Here at Say It with Bears, we stock a number of well-known brands including Warmies® Cozy Plush

An amazing range of toys, from bunny rabbits to zebras, their cute designs are perfect for a cosy bedtime routine.

Our range includes handsome hippos, colourful unicorns, and even a lovely llama!

Heatable Soft Toys from Warmies® 

Warmies® create huggable, snuggable, loveable products that become lifelong friends with their owners.

Adorable, appealing designs and an impeccable safety record sets everyone’s mind at rest.

With Say It With Bears, you can also personalise your microwave bear!

Warmth and Wellbeing 

We all love warm sunshine, a warming fire and a warm mug of hot chocolate.

These all make us feel good! Imagine getting a similar comfort from your teddy or soft toy, too.

Your microwave bear can provide comfort, help with stress and anxiety relief. Help promote restful sleep and are perfectly weighted to provide a really positive, multisensory experience.

Lullabies and Lavender 

Did you know that Warmies products source their lavender from France? Each microwave bear contains just the right amount of the fragrant herb which helps with a feeling of serenity and tranquillity.

With lavender sourced from the famous Provence region of France, these vibrant purple plants provide that soothing smell.

There are many different varieties of lavender and in the Provence region, early July is the best time for this relaxing herb.

Benefits of Microwavable, Heatable Stuffed Animal Toys

As well as the calming effect, they can also help soothe a child that might be feeling unwell.

Yet as a grown-up we also could do with a heatable soft toy!

Perhaps you have muscle pain then you can apply the gentle heat to the affected area.

So, our advice is to buy one for more for the little ones in your life and treat yourself to one too!

Personalise Your Heatable Soft Toy 

The heatable teddy is the perfect gift and adding your own special words makes it a memorable present.

We always say, “Send a bear to show you care”, and our online ordering system means you can make your gift even more personal.

Add clothing (a number of colours available), add a message on the front or back or both. Add an accessory and include a free gift card too.

In conclusion the recipient will be over the moon when the postie knocks on their door!

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