Intelex Warmies Heatable Soft Toys

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Buy Intelex Warmies Heatable Soft Toys Online.

At Say it with Bears we can personalise the range of Intelex Warmies microwave bear and soft toys with hoodies. Clothing should always be removed before microwaving and always follow the heating instructions. Great heatable gifts for all ages with some great characters. Personalise your microwave Warmies with a hoodie add your message to the teddy.

Intelex Warmies®️ are the world’s best selling heatable soft toys. Simply warm them in a microwave for soothing warmth and comfort.

Warmies was founded in 1995 and are the worlds best selling range of microwave teddy bears & soft toys.

We have the widest range of gorgeous soft animals to choose from. Please note all clothing must be removed before warming your teddy. They should be heated up in the microwave for 90 seconds (max 1,000w) to provide a safe, warm and comforting hug, as everyone loves a warm cuddle.

They prove to be a great gift for all ages and are especially popular on cold nights!